Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why DOES God Heal Amputees?

God Heals Amputee
A Spanish farm worker reportedly lost a leg -- and regained it.
Miguel Juan Pellicer, a farm laborer in the region of Valencia, Spain, had his leg amputated from four fingers below the knee in 1637 when a cart wheel fractured his tibia, according to the website of Clairval Abbey. Doctors removed the leg to prevent gangrene from spreading throughout Pellicer's body.
Pellicer spent the next three years begging, praying, attending daily Mass and smearing his right leg with oil from lamps that burned before a statue of the Virgin Mary.
In 1640, he returned according to custom despite his disability to his hometown, Calanda, to help his parents with the harvest. March 29, a feast day commemorating a visit from the Virgin Mary the townspeople believed had taken place in the area of Calanda, saw Pellicer struggle on his wooden leg to load baskets on a donkey for his family. Pellicer went to bed early. A soldier had taken Pellicer's bed and he set up a pallet on his parents' floor. The cloak under which he slept exposed his lower legs. Between half an hour and an hour after Pellicer lay down to rest, his mother entered the room. She smelled sweet oil. When she looked around, she saw two legs on her sleeping son. Pellicer's parents told a notary that they believed that the Virgin had prayed to God for the miracle and God had given their son a miraculously restored limb.
Pellicer paraded through the streets with a procession that included doctors and the local mayor. One hundred witnesses testified to the reality of the miracle. Their accounts matched.
The restored leg had scars and other wounds matching those from injuries Pellicer had received on his right leg over a lifetime. It was initially less strong than the left, but in three days both legs functioned well and looked healthy.
The leg had been removed three years previously, in a time when surgical limb reattachment was centuries in the future. The technology to reattach the limb and enable it to function didn't exist anywhere on Earth at the time, yet the leg worked perfectly.
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  1. I am a double amputee and I have been praying for God to restore both of my missing legs for five years. I find this story very encouraging. I also find it interesting that it was posted on my birthday. August 13th. Please continue to pray for me. Tracy Williams

  2. I will! And thank you for the comment. Keep praying.