Friday, July 25, 2008

Welcome to Reason Supports Belief

Picture a long portico, lined by white columns. Sea winds glare at your right, and slippered footfalls resound to your left in the recesses of a palace in which only filmy curtains shadow the white tiles between the Ionian pillars. Reason: a breeze; clear light; cool breaths. Right?
Then think of a warm fireside,charred pine, sputtering pitch, a lullaby lulling along. Outside in the night the trees whistle. The hounds yawn. Faith; the fires of home; the tried and true; warm reminders of childhood. Religion. It's the opposite of the columns and air and coolness, right?
Isn't it?
Or is that the illusion that confuses everything?
Occam's Razor says we must not multiply entities beyond necessity. Detectives say, echoing Arthur Conan Doyle, that when we have eliminated the impossible we have the truth. How can we know what is necessary to explain what happens? Only when we know how things can and can't work, and what did happen. These rules, therefore, are the same.
A man walks on a peg leg for years, in front of thousands, some religious, some not very. He goes home. He has prayed and prayed. He walks through the street, no peg, just two legs, each mole and bruise where it had been before the wagon wheel maimed him so long before. He stumbles, tries again, and relearns his balance. Thousands see him. An investigation seeks to refute the reappearance of the long-buried part. It cannot. He has regrown a limb.
A young woman sleeps. She dreams of a relative she has met only a few times in her life, someone no one has mentioned to her in quite a while. The old woman pauses at a picnic table and asks her why she doesn't keep in touch. The phone rings, waking the young woman. It's her mother, telling her the old relative died in the night. She died while hosting a picnic. A family picnic.
A woman has shown her mysterious skin growth to her doctor and another person. It's the size of an egg and the same shape, a hen's egg half protruded from her chest. It hurts.
One day, she puts her hand lightly over it and asks God to remove it. By morning there is no sign of it.
On and on, stories pour through the riverbeds of time and social life. Most people feel sure they have encountered the supernatural. But those who do not want to accept it say they have heard nothing but feelings. They offer money to those who can make the supernatural act on command.
The supernatural acts everywhere but in the testing centers.
I believe, and will devote this blog to demonstrating the reasoning and evidence that say, there is a supernatural Entity Who is sovereign and answers to no one unless He chooses to for His own reasons. He will not act on the command of those who despise Him. When He demonstrates His power to such people He does so when they are ready to hear Him, and He knows when that is. I believe further that evidence supports the conclusion that this Entity is the most powerful of all supernatural entities, that some supernatural beings love Him, some hate Him, and He loves the natural beings, such as humans. I will also show that He does respond to requests in many cases but not to orders.
And I will show why I believe He does communicate with humanity, He does want to be known, He did create us and everything else, and He does love reason and wishes us to reason.

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